About HRmadam

The job seekers’ dedicated supporter and number one cheer leader with the sole aim of seeing them succeed at their job search and eventually, career.

With more than 10years experience in various capacities in Human Resources including recruitment, I have helped numerous people achieve their career goals and acquired great talents for local and global organizations. These include both big corporations and small entrepreneurial businesses.

Out of my passion for helping organizations and individuals succeed as it relates to HR and career issues, I launched the HR Talk show on radio called the World of Work with HRmadam. This airs on Monday at 6:30-7pm every Monday on City 105.1fm.

I spend some of my time giving talks at career workshops and events across the country.

When I’m not doing HR, I sing classical music. Yes, I studied vocal studies at the Trinity College of Music now Trinity Laban School of Music and Drama, in Greenwich, London,UK. Also, I was a professional swimmer as a member of the junior swimming team for Oyo State.between 1990 and 1994. I represented the University of Lagos in swimming at the West Africa University Games and NUGA games both in the year 2000 and I have my gold medals to show for it.

In summary, I am a well-rounded individual with interest in a lot of things and most importantly, a high passion for helping people succeed at their careers at whatever stage they are.

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