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With fewer jobs and limited vacancies, competition is getting stiff by the day. Also, recruiters are weary from tons of CVs they receive everyday. This makes it easy for unimpressive CVs to end up in the HR black hole.

I will work with you to come up with an eye-catching CV that will give you access into the organisation you deserve to work with. I do this by:

  1. Working with you to define your goals
  2. Assisting you to craft your CV to suit all roles you are interested in
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In my career as an HR Professional for over a decade, I have interviewed thousands of job seekers while recruiting for various organisations. I’ve been on the talent buyer side and I know exactly how to win them over at interviews. Not only am I good at preparing candidates for interviews, I am very passionate about it and I’ve been successful at it.

My interview coaching sessions will show you to devise a winning strategy, take you through real interview questions and show you what is need to close any interview opportunity to your advantage.

So, whether you are looking to land your first job or changing careers, returning to work after a career break, changing jobs, or moving up the career ladder, my interview coaching sessions will assist to achieve your aim.

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Recruitment – Finding the right employees with the right skills and attitude can be a daunting task for most employers. What with having to deal with thousands of applications for a single role. Not only will we take the stress of being inundated with tons of irrelevant applications, we will help you sift through and present the best candidates. Our selection and assessment process has proven to be reliable as our clients are well satisfied by the placements we have done for them.

Contracting Services – hiring temporary/contract employees offers you flexible workforce with the right skills when you need them to hit the ground running. If you need hands for a specific project, require special expertise or just generally have to meet pressing resourcing needs, our temporary and contract staff can complete your permanent staff to grow your business.

Our strong networks across industries and large pool of existing candidates give us the edge to deliver the best quality of temps and contractors to move your business forward.

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Heard of the term ‘Hiring Error’ before? It is very costly to the organisation not just financially but time wise. Getting it right the first time with recruitment is very crucial to the business. One of the vital aspects of the hiring process is the interview. It  helps you to sift through the pool of candidates to come up with the best for the job. The sure way of achieving this having talent buyers who are adequately equipped to use the interview as efficient tool to pick candidates. We will assist you to train your talent buyers with the aim of achieving success using the interview as candidate selection tool.

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We offer on-demand HR services because we understand that some clients will only require HR help for specific issue or projects such as HR Function Setup, Mediation, Document Preparation, Handbook Design, Disciplinary and Grievance Advice Support, etc. The service is offered on a ad hoc basis and is  billed monthly or quarterly depending on terms of agreement in arrears.

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As you already, the digital phenomenon has overtaken our world and recruiting is not left out. A lot of organisations are using social media to connect with and buy talents. It is not enough to have a presence on social media.

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