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Welcome to HRmadam!

The job seekers’ dedicated supporter and number one cheer leader with the sole aim of seeing them succeed at their job search and eventually, career.
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Professional Career Advice

Ever felt undecided on career options and decisions? Through our years of experience, HRMadam provides career mentorship programmes for you.

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Premium Job Listings

HRMadam sieves through and provides you with top job vacancies from our partners and clients

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[us_iconbox icon=” mdfi_content_create” style=”circle” color=”secondary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”CV & Cover Letter Coaching”]Competition is stiff with fewer jobs than there are available vacancies. Also, Recruiteres are weary from receiving tons of CVs everyday. This makes is easy for unimpressive CVs to end up in the HR black hole quickly.[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible”]
[us_iconbox icon=” mdfi_social_person” style=”circle” color=”secondary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Interview Coaching”]In my career as an HR professional for over a decade, I have interviewed thousands of job seekers and recruited for various organizations. Not only am I good at preparing people for interviews, I have passion for it and I have been extremely successful at it.[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible”]
[us_iconbox icon=”mdfi_social_domain” style=”circle” color=”secondary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Social Media as a Job Search Tool”]As you already, the digital phenomenon has overtaken our world and recruiting is not left out. A lot of organisations are using social media to connect with and buy talents. It is not enough to have a presence on social media.[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible”]

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